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VLM-532-47 Series


Green Cross-Line Laser, for Industrial leveling, alignment, adjusting, positioning, measuring and targeting device.

Product details

Dimensions: Ф13 x 66 mm (Ф0.512" x 2.598")
Wavelength : 532 nm
Output power (Center / Total) : Class II – less than 1mW / 2.5mW
Laser line accuracy: 80".
Emitting angle: > 60°
2.7~3.3 VDC operation.
Connection type: Lead wire

Green Cross-Line Laser, for Industrial leveling, alignment, adjusting, positioning, measuring and targeting device.
Wood processing.
Metal processing.
Stone processing.
Textile industry.
Food industry.
Automotive industry.
Medical science

Green Cross-Line Laser.
This module has integrated wavy lens, collimating lens, laser diode, and APC driver circuit.
APC driver circuit enables the Laser output power safe and constant.
Includes patented solid brass structure for the best shock resistance and better heat transfer consideration.
Multiple plastic aspherical lenses and wavy lens provides Cross-Line Laser.

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COHERENCE, tyco, EPILOG, iRobot, PEPPER_FLUCHS, and balluff

Laser products manufactured by Quarton inc. meet the international safety standards:
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Japan: PSC(JQA)
Europe: EU60825, CE & TUV-GS

Quarton inc. places emphasis on laser safety
Green Laser with IR-Cut Filter:
As shown in the picture. Most of the green Laser is generated in an indirect process, beginning with a
high-power (typically 100–300 mW) infrared laser diode operating at 808 nm.
The 808 nm Laser pumps a gain medium crystal (Nd:YVO4), which Laser deeper in the infrared at 1064 nm.
And its 1064 nm output Laser is fed into a crystal of potassium titanyl phosphate (KTP).
This unit acts as a frequency doubler, and halves the wavelength to the desired 532 nm (Green).
However, these Lasers output containing green (532 nm) and infrared (808 & 1064 nm) Lasers.
In fact, the ratio of infrared Laser may be up to 50 ~ 90% of the total Laser output energy.
These high-power and invisible Lasers could seriously harm the human eyes.
IR-Cut Filter is such as the human’s protector, except the green Laser, Infrared Lasers will be filtered out.
Ф13 x 66 mm (Ф0.512" x 2.598")
Operating voltage (Vop)
2.7~3.3 VDC