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VLM-520-27 Direct Green Laser

Quarton Laser Module - DIRECT GREEN LINE LASER

Straight Green Line from Direct Green Laser Diode.

Product details

Dimensions : Ф12.5 x 30 mm (Ф0.492" x 1.181")
Wavelength : 505~530 nm
Optical power :
LPA : Class II – less than 20mW.
LPT : Class I – less than 2mW.

Operating Current (Iop) :
LPA : less than 100mA
LPT : less than 80mA

7~10 VDC operation.
Cylindrical Lens : Quartz Cylindrical Lens
Collimating Lens : Aspherical Plastic Lens
Laser Line Width at 10 Meters : <3.5mm
Laser Line Accuracy : 40" (±1mm at 5 meters)
Emitting Angle : > 90°
Operating temp. range : -4°F ~ 149°F (-20°C ~ +65°C)
Housing Material : Brass
Connection type : Lead wire, 1007-26AWG
Cable Length : 127mm±10mm

Straight Green Line from Direct Green Laser Diode.
Wood processing.
Metal processing.
Stone processing.
Textile industry.
Food industry.
Automotive industry.
Medical science.

Direct Green Laser Diode for large temperature operation range.
The best line-accuracy and the widest emitting angle line Laser module for use with high-precision devices.
Laser beam is focused at 10 meters to generate best thin laser line from 5 meters to 20 meters.
This module has integrated quartz cylindrical lens, collimating lens, laser diode, and APC driver circuit.
APC driver circuit enables the Laser output power safe and constant.
Includes patented solid brass structure for the best shock resistance and better heat transfer consideration.
Aspherical Plastic Lens and Quartz Cylindrical Lens provides tight Line Laser.

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Quarton inc. provides OEM/ODM services for international brands:
COHERENCE, tyco, EPILOG, iRobot, PEPPER_FLUCHS, and balluff

Laser products manufactured by Quarton inc. meet the international safety standards:
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Japan: PSC(JQA)
Europe: EU60825, CE & TUV-GS