Green Crosshair Laser Module with TTL Function Fan Angle 15° Uniform Line

VLM-520-59 LPO-D15 (Class 1M laser module), VLM-520-59 LPT-D15 (Class 2M laser module)

High Quality Green Crosshair laser modules with TTL Function (Analog Crosshairs Laser Module) for range within 1.2 meters application, ideal for machine vision, patient alignment, CNC milling, chassis alignment, quality control, textile industry and printing industry.

Product details

ideal for
Machine vision.
Patient alignment.
CNC milling.
Chassis alignment.
Quality control.
Textile industry.
Printing industry.

Built with high precision glass crosshair lens and glass laser collimating lens.
Fan Angle : 15°
CW to 10K HZ stable power output for demanding power and speed are of important.
Focus range: 10cm, 20cm, 40cm, 90cm, customized focus length are available by request.
Customized focus within 1 meter available please direct contact us.

Two laser power output level:
LPO - Class 1M laser product
LPT - Class 2M laser product

Dimensions : Ø10 x 40 mm (Ø0.39" x 1.575")
Wavelength : 515~530 nm
3~6 VDC operation.
Connection type : Lead wire