VLM-650-21 (Plastic Lens)

Quarton Tiny Laser Module (Dimensions- D4 x 15 mm )

Mini-Size Red Dot Laser - for positioning, measuring, pointing and laser sighting device.

Product details

Dimensions: Ф4 x 15 mm(Ф0.157" x 0.59")
Wavelength : 645~660 nm
Output power:
LPA - Class IIIa – less than 5mW.
LPT - Class II – less than 1mW.

Beam Divergence (Half Angle) : 2.5 mRad
3~5 VDC operation.
Spot size at 5 meters: 7±1 mm
Housing: Brass
Connection type: Lead wire
Operating temp. range: 59°F ~ 86°F (+15°C ~ +30°C)

Mini-Size Red Dot Laser - for positioning, measuring, pointing and laser sighting device.
Wood processing.
Metal processing.
Stone processing.
Textile industry.
Food industry.
Automotive industry.
Medical science.

Red Dot Laser.

This module has integrated optic, laser diode, and APC driver circuit.

APC Driver Circuit enables the Laser output power safe and constant.

Aspherical plastic lens provides Dot Laser.

P.S. This module works between -10°C and +50°C either, but the laser spot size might be larger when it does not works between +15°C ~ +30°C.

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Quarton inc. provides OEM/ODM services for international brands:
COHERENCE, tyco, EPILOG, iRobot, PEPPER_FLUCHS, and balluff

Laser products manufactured by Quarton inc. meet the international safety standards:
Laser Standards Logo
Japan: PSC(JQA)
Europe: EU60825, CE & TUV-GS

Quarton inc. places emphasis on laser safety
About APC (automatic power control) circuit:
The Laser output power must be stable especially in safety reason.
But the Laser power is related to the Junction Temperature (Tj) of the LD.
It means that as the different Tj, the Laser power will be increased or decreased.
An APC (automatic power control) circuit is used to compensate the varying Laser output power to constant.
As shown in the picture,
The principle of the APC circuit is monitoring portion of the laser light from the LD by the built-in PD,
and real-time feedback to control the laser output power constant and safety.