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  • Multifunction Laser Pointer XP-V 3

Multifunction Laser Pointer

Multifunctional Laser Presenter that is combined with PDA touch control, LED, Ball Point Pen and a red laser pointer.


1.  This item is a perfect gift for teachers, graduate students and business executives.

2.  The pen is provided with a protective case for long and enjoyable use.

3.  The XP5 is suitable for making business presentations as well as for use in classrooms. During a conference or a meeting, the user can make use it to make presentations and at the same time can rotate it to become a PDA screen touch pen or as a writing ball point pen.

4.  Complied with the FDA Laser safety regulations and has Auto-Power-Control circuit which keeps the output power stable and won't change in any temperature.

5.  Output power: FDA Class IIIa laser, output power 1~5mW (power control under 3mW), eye safe laser product.

Dimensions(L x ø):

15cm x 1.2cm


35g- Incl. batteries


Solid brass


4 x LR41 batteries

Wavelength / Range:

650nm / 500 yards

Output power:

CL IIIa < 5mW , CL II < 1mW

Complied with the European Standard EN 60825-1 & USA FDA Laser safety regulations

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