Quarton inc. upload the new demo video of smallest circular dot size laser module for long range

Quarton Inc. upload new video - the green / red laser module VLM-520-17 and VLM-635-17 series.

This series of laser module deliver the smallest and perfect circular dot size for long range alignment, accuracy measurement, survey instrument, positioning, collimating and pointing.
Since its beam divergence(half angle) is extremely small which is less than 0.1 mRad.
They are able to deliver below spot size:



-Spot size is less than 9 mm at 40m
-Spot size is less than 22 mm at 100m
-3 different output power option: 
1) VLM-520/635-17 LPT (Class II):0.7~0.9mW
2) VLM-520/635-17 LPA (Class IIIa):2~3 mW
3) VLM-520/635-17 LPB (Class IIIb):5~6 mW

VLM-520-17 and VLM-635-17 series are especially useful for long distance usages. The perfectly circular beam is ideal for long range alignment and calibration task.

Demo video:

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