Quarton lunch new circuit dot laser module with modulation function for industries.

Quarton is proud to introduce new extremely small circular dot laser module - VLM-635-61 series for short distance application(< 1M), this series is designed with TTL modulation function. Ideal for all industries that need precision alignment task, like Automation Industry, Machine Vision, Image Processing, Medical & Science, Scanning, Counting & Measurement application.


Extremely Small Circular Dot Laser Module with TTL Modulation Function

# For automation, machine vision, medical industry and precision alignment task.

# Circular Dot Size: <1mm, from 0 to 50cm; <2mm, from 50cm to 90cm.

# CW to 10K HZ stable power output for demanding power and speed are of important.

# Robust stainless steel housing.

# Built with high precision glass lens.

# Customized focus within 1 meter for even smaller laser dot is available. Please direct contact us.

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